Quality Policy

The quality policy adopted by António Galego & Filhos – Mármores, S.A. (hereinafter “AGF”) is based on the following guidelines:


- Compliance with all the applicable requirements (legal, regulatory, normative, cultural and social) in order for AGF to be recognized as one of the best “players” in the field;

- Strong commitment to continuously improve its practices for the purpose of guaranteeing customer satisfaction in regards to final product quality as well as in terms of the sustainability with which it manages its business;

- Motivating employees by promoting and developing their skills, by their involvment and accountability in the Quality Management System and also by providing them with the required tools for the performance of their duties in compliance with the established performance standard;

- Creating a solid organizational culture in the pursuit of goals based on its values and commitments and also by developing human capital, its creativity, responsibility, autonomy and personal initiative;

- Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with all the entities that in some way interact with AGF thus enhancing the ability to create value for all the parties involved;

- Implementing a continuous improvement system based on multiple indicators obtained for the purpose of meeting its client’s requirements and thus increasing their satisfaction.


The company’s administration undertakes to ensure the availability of the appropriate human and financial resources in order to implement the aforementioned policy and to comply with all the requirements outlined in it.