From the rock to the sculpture, so are we! The years have transformed into a more refined piece. We are able to satisfy various tastes, always with the same strength.


António Galego & Filhos – Mármores, S.A., was founded at the beginning of years 80, by the current administrator who started its activity in the transformation of Ornamental Portuguese Rocks, devoting himself at this time basically to sawdust and commercialization of Natural Stones from the Anticline of Borba, Vila Viçosa and Estremoz, with its production only to the Portuguese market.

Characterized by a strong investment policy and sustainable growth, the company with its headquarters located in Bencatel(Vila Viçosa), accompanied the evolutionary requirements of markets that are integrated, allowing to extend to important market shares worldwide, able to respond in real time to the various specificities and requirements of its customers and employees.

Currently, it is characterized as a cutting edge industry in the ornamental rock sector, offering the latest and modern technology in sawing, cutting and finishing of Natural Stones, which consolidated its presence in the most diverse and demanding world markets, as a result of raw materials which come from their quarries, located in the District of Vila Viçosa, in which it holds a major source of raw materials of quality, which allows you to export Portuguese world recognized quality Marbles, with most of its production to the main international markets.

At the moment the company is dedicated to the extraction, processing and trading of National and imported natural stones, having in its subsidiary in Alcantarilha, a warehouse for the specific trade of various types of marbles, Granites with various finishes and colors.